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Now accepting bookings for performances involving travel. From the sublime classics of traditional Japanese music, to accessible and melodious modern songs, to oldies and folk songs for the elderly, to children's songs and a lecture on traditional Japanese instruments for school performances, the ideal musical performance will be provided for the event.

Guest entertainers gEngeih are often invited to further liven up the performances. Requests for background music for readings are also accepted, contributing to a dynamic recital.

mail To arrange for a live performance, contact from here.

Tsukimi no UtageiOotawarajSalonconcert
Traditional Japanese Classics

gAtamayamah based on a comic story (Rakugo), gOsatsumah often accompanying heroic scenes as a duo performance and the comical gTanukih performed solo, with voice and accompaniment, can be viewed.

Modern Songs

Well known Japanese melodies, Khachaturian's gSaber Danceh arrangements of VOCALOID synthesizer based songs gWARAKUESENBONZAKURAh, and gShou-rinkah which became a hit with over a million views on both YouTube and niconico douga.

Events for the Elderly

A program that is perfect for events paying tribute to the elderly or a performance at a nursing home. Folk songs and nostalgic old hits can be sung together and enjoyed.

School Performance

A performance that can be enjoyed as a part of traditional Japanese music education. Children are introduced to the instruments and familiarized with their sounds. Children's songs and songs from anime are sung together and presented with a charm that is unique to traditional Japanese instruments.

As Background Music for Entertainment Events (Engei)

By involving guest performers that complement traditional Japanese instruments, an even more entertaining performance can be presented.

As Background Music for Readings

In the past, music was provided for readings of such people as gMs TERUMI Nikih or Ms NATSUHIKO Kyogokuh. The mood of the reading can be enhanced with fitting music. The video is from a performance with gMs TERUMI Niki.

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