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Rhapsody Nami Kineie  Colorful World of Shamisen

「Rhapsody」Nami Kineie

\2,800.-(Tax included)
Released on October 7, 2009
Selling Agency: Waternet Sound Group
Distributor: BounDEE, Inc.

This is the first leader album for Nami Kineie, who is actively displaying her talents in various fields as a shamisen artist. The album includes: “Shamisen Concerto” (band version), composed by Katsutoshi Nagasawa, “Nami Rhapsody”, composed by Yorihide Fukushima, “Jyo ni Saosasu”, composed by Etsuo Kawasaki, as well as diverse pieces from “Miyako Furyu” a Nagauta (long epic song) to a medley of Russian ballet music. In the medley, popular ballet music is recreated into a unique world of shamisen. Enjoy the various shamisen sounds of Nami Kineie.

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Rhapsody Nami Kineie  Colorful World of Shamisen (Track9)

1. Shamisen Concerto, The First Movement (Band Version)
2-4. Nami Rhapsody
5. Miyako-furyu
6. Shamisen Concerto, The Second Movement (Band Version)
7. Russian Classic Medley
8. Pole, Along The Stream Of Emotion
9. Shamisen Concerto, The Third Movement (Band Version)

Nami Kineie(shamisen artist)

Makoto Takei・・・Shakuhachi(bamboo flute)・Shinobue・Flute
Akemi Yamada・・・20 Strings-Koto(Japanese harp)
Masae Touonhanda・・・Sing
Gosami Kineya・・・Shamisen

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